SEGA Tunes: Shenmue Theme by Mr. Bonus Stage

Shenmue is a soundtrack I’ve wanted to feature music from ever since I restarted this feature back in January. The very first article was a choice between Shenmue’s main theme and the piece that inspired me to start the feature, Phantasy Star Online’s Whole New World. Four months later, with this week’s feature already delayed a day thanks to a Marvel movie marathon that culminated in The Avengers, I’ve decided to finally feature a song from the game, though not in quite the way I had been anticipating.

Tuesday Tunes doesn’t normally feature remixes as the main feature of an article, but we’re making the first of what will be many exceptions as of today. The above song is being performed on a Steinway piano, an award winning line of pianos. The performer, Mr. Bonus Stage, has an entire channel filled with this music, which you can find here.

This piece is really beautiful. Unofficial remixes are so often performed electronically, or on a keyboard, making this piece, performed on piano in a studio, all the more special. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Enjoy the song, and don’t worry: we’ll be getting to Shenmue’s official soundtrack eventually!


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  1. pcwzrd13 says:

    This guy is awesome! Thanks for posting this!

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