First My Life With SEGA episode online, learn how to win Virtua Fighter 5 for free!

Hey guys, the first SEGAbits episode of “My Life With SEGA” is now up on our YouTube channel. The My Life With SEGA YouTube series will look back at SEGA games we grew up with and review them. This episode is part 2 of A.J’s Italian Stallion game playing marathon. Check out part 1 here.

“Hey, I’m A.J. Rosa and this is My Life with SEGA. The mayhem continues with the Italian Stallion: Part Duex! Today, I’m reviewing Judge Dredd for the Sega Genesis and Demolition Man for Genesis and Sega CD.”

Want to win a free copy of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown? Of course you do! We will be giving away four copies of the game, two on XBLA and two on PSN. What do you have to do? Subscribe to our YouTube channel and comment on the video. Winners will be chosen randomly on Friday. Contest is open world wide. Have fun, if you like the series please share. Want to suggest a game for A.J to do a video of? Contact us.


6 responses to “First My Life With SEGA episode online, learn how to win Virtua Fighter 5 for free!

  1. laz316 says:

    Well done my friend! I’m quite proud of you for your success, and I always love watching your vids. Best game reviews around in my opinion. Just wish I had a Sega Genesis to play Demolition Man on now…..bastard.
    If I win the contest, I prefer X-box Live.

  2. Takehaniyasubiko says:

    Please say that it’s the complete edition… The difference in price between the normal edition and the complete edition is so small that it would be ridiculous to have just the normal one, especially that it sucks as hell to constantly see the default costumes.

    I hope I’ll win it. I’m totally broke right now.

  3. Thanks SEGABITS you rock!

  4. Takehaniyasubiko says:

    Aww, out of luck, as always… =(

    Well, congrats to the winners!

  5. Enishi17 says:

    Who won the contest?

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