Project X Zone to have 90 voice actors, over 45 songs

Project X Zone has been teasing just how big the game will be. They have confirmed that the game will have 90 voice actors, which lead people to believe there will be at least 90 characters in the full game. Of course this doesn’t mean there will be that many characters, I guess we will have to see how many characters make it to the final roster.

Now another number has been confirmed, over 45 songs will make it into the game. Each character will have a song from their game during battle. If you pair two characters together you will get songs from either character in your team at random.  Also the field map and event music is being pulled from source materiel. Only because this is a crossover title, doesn’t mean there won’t be original music. The developers already stated they are working on some for the game’s scenario sequences. The title song for the game will also be original and is called “Mysterious Project”.

The developers already teased that the next update will be details on the gameplay systems.


One response to “Project X Zone to have 90 voice actors, over 45 songs

  1. Hitrax says:

    Seems this game has a much bigger budget than originally thought, why else would they need 90 voice actors…some voice actors on games actually do several characters voices, like on Shenmue.
    Project X will be a bigger game than originally thought then, shame about being 3DS exclusive and the generic name though.

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