Valkyria Chronicles Duel announced as a web browser game

I love the Valkyria Chronicles franchise. I loved the first one on the Playstation 3, then when the sequel was announced for PSP. But at least the second one came West, even if it was a downgrade from the Playstation 3 experience. Then the 3rd one didn’t make it West, my anger built. Now the newest entry, Valkyria Chronicles Duel isn’t even a handheld/console game, but a web browser game? Fudge muffins!

So how does this game play? For starters you will have to build up your battalion by collecting cards. There are over 200 character cards in the game. In the game you have to develop your base camp, take enemy territories and acquire new troops. The game suggest that you will take part in “3D character battles” that features the same style as the Valkyria Chronicles games.

Of course the game will be free to play and offer item transactions to make money. You can check out the official site here. They are taking applications for people to test the game from now to June 25th. Again, you should brush up on your Japanese.


6 responses to “Valkyria Chronicles Duel announced as a web browser game

  1. Richard says:

    can be a genius marketing move if i see it they add microtransactions or micro payments what ever way its called , seems the money maker these days are f2p games browser form or mmos , so kudos to sega and the same time bold sega for not bring vc3 over in the west when vc 2 sold more in north america and europe combined than japan did ..

  2. SOUP says:

    I just want Valkyria 3 to get localized already >:(

  3. SkyBlue says:

    My import copy should come in any day now.

    Until then, I am not pleased with this news but….if they invest this into the localisation of the third entry I am all for it!

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