My Life with SEGA reviews Motocross Championship

I was never fortunate or rich enough growing up to own a 32X. Actually I never meet anyone around the time that actually had one. So its good to see A.J. crack down some 32x reviews, even if the game pisses him off.

“It’s another “classic” episode from the vault. If you thought my review of Cliffhanger was scathing, just you wait until you endure the horror that is Motocross Championship for the SEGA Genesis 32X.”

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6 responses to “My Life with SEGA reviews Motocross Championship

  1. DCGX says:

    Wow. That is a lot of swearing.

    • mylifewithsega says:

      I really, really, really, really hate this game. Like, really. I hate it so much, it’s no longer in my collection. Instead, I autographed it and it gave it to a fan…. It’s their problem now. Muwhahaha!

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      I bought this for $1, and while I don’t regret it (it took me one step closer to a complete 32X library) it is a complete piece of shit. Why is the screen so small??

  2. CrazyTails says:

    Lol great video, you should show yourself more often :P.

  3. mylifewithsega says:

    Showing myself more often? Nuh-uh. I’d start loosing viewers. LOL!

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