NiGHTS announced as racer and track in Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed UPDATE: Video link added

Update: Watch the Summer of Sonic video here, footage begins at 1:17:40, there is also a Q&A with Sumo Digital at 0:27:30

Update 2: DiGi Valentine tells us on Twitter that the race track areas seen in the video are: Spring Valley, Gilwings Lair and Wizeman’s boss arena.

Summer of Sonic is in full swing, and Steve Lycett of Sumo Digital took the main stage to talk about Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed. The big reveal of Steve’s presentation was that NiGHTS will feature in the game as both a racer and a track. Sonic Wrecks tweeted a few details, stating that the game will have both NiGHTS and Reala, NiGHTS rival, as racers driven by a Pian (those little chubby angels). No word yet on which NiGHTS game will feature, but I’m guessing the original as it is far more popular and is rereleasing this year. Also no word on if the NiGHTS and Reala racers take up two roster slots or if they’ll be considered alternate skins of the same racer. When we hear more, we’ll share it here. This is great news for NiGHTS fans! Details after the break.

A few more details on NiGHTS and Reala as well as the track. The track features a number of locations from the game, as players teleport from area to area. In the footage, fans have spotted Spring Valley which is the first segment, followed by Mystic Forest, and then Splash Garden. The track, fittingly, is mostly flight segments, however Splash Garden is a boating segment. NiGHTS and Reala are separate racers, and NiGHTS and Reala themselves are the vehicles. NiGHTS is driven by a Nightopian and Reala is driven by a Nightmaren who appeared riding the Goodles enemy in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. You can see Reala’s driver in the image below, he’s the goofy purple guy in the green uniform.


16 responses to “NiGHTS announced as racer and track in Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed UPDATE: Video link added

  1. Pao says:

    Great News
    I assume NiGHTS and Reala will share the same ride like Jacky and Akira?

    • Sharky says:

      I came here to report this news but Barry beat me too it =[

      @Pao, nope NiGHTs and Reala ARE the vehicles, the A-life fairy things are the drivers.

  2. CrazyTails says:

    ohhhh yess, so its both the HD port and this. Seriously sonic and sega allstars is really helping out the franchises alot!!

  3. GamerTB says:

    I’ve very much expected NiGHTS to be the shape-shifting ride since the speculating days of S&SASR’s release, but I had high hopes for Claris and Elliot to be the drivers.


  4. MistaBuck says:

    OH MY GOD that NiGHTS course looks amazing. ALL OF MY FEELS

  5. Pao says:

    Just saw the video…that track looks absolutely phenomenal!

    • Yeah! I like how they blended the two games, so it’s not just Journey of Dreams or Into Dreams…

      NiGHTS and Reala are clearly the JoD designs, but the tracks are from the original games with a few JoD additions (the teleport gates from JoD). Music sounds great.

      If you watch the video following Sumo’s Q&A, you can make out a boss battle with Wizeman the Wicked that takes place near the end of the track. Looks like racers dodge his attacks.

  6. Suzuki Yu says:

    the track looks insanely beautiful! it reminds me of how much i wanted JoD to be on HD platforms 🙁

  7. Radrappy says:

    I am so incredibly stoked about this. My god does it look gorgeous. All I need now is a PSO level.

  8. Amrith says:

    Too bad NiGHTS isn’t the actual pilot.
    I don’t care about Nightopians.

    It’s more loyal to the games like that but not so engaging.
    In the other hand, the track looks good.

    • GamerTB says:

      SumoRex stated that NiGHTS and Reala are the actual racers after all, in the same vein as Opa-Opa, and the Nightopian and Nightmaren are simply hitching a ride on them.

      Seems legit to me.

    • SkyBlue says:

      So if someone doesn’t get in the game, will fans blame the NiGHTs fanbase for the additional character?

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      Probably. But Sumo has stated again and again that no character “took the spot” of another character. Basically anything they wanted they got, and anything they didn’t get wasn’t due to another character getting in but was rather due to legal mumbo jumbo.

  9. Shego12 says:

    I knew NiGHTS can make it, but I never expect for her to be a vehicle. Oh well, its better than nothing. I was hoping that NiGHTS will be a driver. But its ok. Thank you.

  10. peach says:

    those graphix look good enough to eat, so clean, broght and smooth!!!!!

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