Wreck it Ralph to be a guest racer in Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed

UPDATE: Good news! Video did record. It’s in the internal memory so Nux will upload it. We’ll have it a little later.

It was revealed last night during Sonic Boom that not only will Sonic be in Wreck-it-Ralph (they even showed the PSA clip Sonic was in), but that Ralph himself will be a playable character in Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed. Some footage was shown of him racing in a Jet Set Radio level. Sadly, the footage I recorded didn’t come out for some reason. (But I did record it. I swear!) Ralph is the second guest character in the game next to Danica Patrick. Frankly, I think he’s a much better fit than her.


22 responses to “Wreck it Ralph to be a guest racer in Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed

  1. Kori-Maru says:

    I’m gonna wreck someone’s shit with him. =)

  2. Orta says:

    Happy to know he found a new job. Ha!

  3. DCGX says:

    That’s pretty damn cool. So far every new character announced as been great (with the exception of Danika Patrick. I’m still scratching my head on that one). Transformed is turning into one great sequel, and could really give Mario Kart a run for its money now.

  4. bob says:

    Wii U version only fyi

  5. Barry the nomad says:

    Sorry but Danica still makes total sense to me. She’s racing the ASR branded car in real life! Why are people so baffled by her addition. In fact, both Ralph and Danica make their debut I the same weekend. Ralph releases November 2nd with Sonic making a cameo in the movie, Danica races the 3rd in the ASR car. Should be a Sonic filled weekend.

  6. Amrith says:

    What character from the first game will they throw away to implement that ugly guest, Ulala ? Ryo ? Unforgivable shitty choice Sega.

    • Lobotomy says:

      Oh cry more. The guest characters don’t take up a SEGA character slot. Whiny bitch.

    • Amrith says:

      > The guest characters don’t take up a SEGA character slot.

      How do you know that ?
      Of course Sega says the opposite, but it would be a totally naive approach to believe that all the work dedicated to these guests does not impact the main game and roster.

      > Whiny bitch.

      Go back to sleep, internet gangsta.

    • nuckles87 says:

      Ralph and Danica were added for marketing purposes, so it would follow that marketing dollars were used to include them.

  7. Aki-at says:

    A shame that after a third game at it, SEGA’s rooster is still worse than Nintendo’s one for Smash Bros Melee. C’est la vie I suppose.

    • Damon says:

      Why are you talking about Sega’s cock? 😉
      You probably mean roster, not rooster.
      Anyway, that’s just your opinion. Here’s mine:
      Most of those Nintendo characters beyond Mario and Links (and perhaps Samus) mean absolutely nothing to me and I couldn’t care less about them. Star Fox? Ice climbers? Pokemon? Never played that crap.
      So, to me, the roster of any Sega All-Stars game is better than that of any Smash Bros.

    • sonicplayer says:

      Well pokemon is a huge franchise, there are all sorts of things, the tv show that comes on cartoon network, which got crappier after every generation, the video game, trading card, and lots of merchandise (ala t-shirts, pencils, stuffed plushies,etc.) In fact pokemon merchandise is even easier to locate than mario merchandise, aside from some games, all I have is a shirt.

    • Aki-at says:

      Using that same reasoning, I could say exactly the same since we have Shadow, Tails, Amy, NiGHTs and Reala etc, characters I do not care about and some I dislike. Infact if you’re are not a Sonic Team fan, it is extremely hard to get excited about this game’s assortment of franchises with the exception of Shinobi and Skies of Arcadia.

      Here’s what we know so far from the confirmed characters and stages.

      52% of the characters are from Sonic Team, with a whooping 35% coming from the Sonic franchise alone. Only one Sonic Team level has been confirmed so far from the NiGHTS series, so 20% of stages so far are from Sonic Team, more than likely a few more than since they have no shown off the Sonic and Amigo stage yet. But with what we know, 45% of confirmed characters and stages are from Sonic Team. And of the 12 franchises confirmed, 4 are from the Dreamcast era alone, 2 guest franchises, 1 from the post console era, 1 from the arcade, 1 from the SEGA Saturn, 1 from the Master System and 2 from the Mega Drive. Yes, ignoring SEGA’s two most successful consoles from their history for their last console. They will probably even ignore AM2 again, the development team that ensured they did not go bankrupt after everything went south for them in their console business. We will see if they decide to balance things up with stuff such as OutRun, Space Harrier, Astal, Vectorman, Shining, Phantasy Star etc

      Which is why they probably dropped the SEGA name from the title. Being someone who supported SEGA from the late 80s, this is not designed to appeal to me but mostly fans of the Dreamcast and Sonic Team.

  8. Sharky says:

    I’m all for additions like this… but not BEFORE all of the important Sega Characters are in… That’s just a bit insulting really.

    I’m NOT for Danica, outside of America (where Sega is the most popular) nobody knows of her or gives a shit about Nascar…

    • Barry the nomad says:

      Probably the smartest reaction I’ve read. Agreed I’m all for marketing bucks being used to make additions to the game that boosts the profile. But they really gotta amp up the SEGA reveals now. It’s been too long since a biggie like Joe.

    • Sharky says:

      I agree. Once all of the important Sega characters (of which there are many) are represented I’m totally fine with a few guests.

      In fact I think this Ralph character will be a great addition. I suspect Sega will run adverts for this game in the pre-movie trailers. (If they don’t they are dumb!)

      Another good guest addition would be a console exclusive for each console. For example Mario or Falco for Nintendo, Bango or Master Cheif for Xbox360 and a SackBoy for Playstation3. But again, only after the Sega roster is nice and beefy.

    • nuckles87 says:

      What do you mean? NiGHTS was revealed just a week ago. I’d call that a biggie.

  9. Jesus Christ says:

    What is the point of this if it is filled with non-SEGA characters? I can put up with any bad SEGA character, and even one guest, but this is beyond stupid now. I do not care about Danica, Ralph, Banjo, and XBox 360 Bios.

    • sonicplayer says:

      Banjo, yah I understand, especially after microsoft butchered the franchise (and all of Rare), Danicka (who), and Ralph (I think he’ll fit well, besides this is kinda like payment I suppose, cause sonic cameos in Wreck it Ralph, so Ralph appears in all stars racing.

    • SkyBlue says:

      Seems we know why the “SEGA” was dropped from the title now.

      I agree though, we should be getting SEGA/Sonic reveals, not guest reveals….the guest ones should be saved for last (I doubt anyone would complain as much if the two were revealed a few weeks before release when we know about 70% of the SEGA/Sonic roster already).

      I don’t mind this addition…but the crossover of SEGA’s franchises is starting to feel like a free for all crossover. Which is certainly not the greatest thing to fans of SEGA.

      With that in mind, are we wary that there maybe a THIRD character being included? Ronald McDonald or Hello Kitty? I dunno…but at this rate it’s going to end up diluting the SEGA game by including more “guest” characters no matter how optional they are.

  10. Kori-Maru says:

    I like Ralph, but will we ever see a true Sega crossover?

  11. Shigs says:

    Having Banjo-Kazooie did not affect the roster in the first game, why would having these two affect the roster in the second?

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