SEGA says Sonic the Hedgehog can be ‘the next Hello Kitty’

Now that SEGA has decided to focus on fewer titles, some of their bigger IPs like Sonic the Hedgehog will be getting more attention. What is in store for Sonic? It means signing up more third parties to make Sonic toys, clothing and other gear you might not need but will want to buy anyway.

“Sonic is a well-known character, but we’ve got a lot of room to grow in merchandising . We dream of Hello Kitty. We’re still far off from that but we can see that our profits are growing year on year in the US and Europe [on merchandising]. We’ve got a licensing team on the ground in the UK who are focusing on that and that team will expand. We’ve got a team in the US and which will also expand. We used to run it all out of Sega of Japan, but having people on the ground is making a big difference. We will always do the computer game but the merchandising is a very important aspect to Sonic.” – Jurgen Post, COO of SEGA Europe

In a way I’m glad that SEGA is putting their name out there more. I used to love going to stores and seeing Sonic the Hedgehog stuff everywhere. But then again, who wants to see everyone’s favorite blue blur get whored out? Who wants to see useless collector items like a ‘Sonic the Hedgehog chainsaw’? Funny that they also announced a Hello Kitty Sonic the Hedgehog themed doll a few nights ago.



8 responses to “SEGA says Sonic the Hedgehog can be ‘the next Hello Kitty’

  1. ShadiNeko says:

    Sounds good to me! the more Sonic merchandise the better!

  2. Crazytails says:

    Hoping this means top quality titles instead of milking :P(sure it’s the former from everything that has happened lately)

  3. radrappy says:

    Modern sonic would be a tough sell as he has a bit too much raditude. But if you took classic sonic, removed his mouth and gave him a dead looking expression, he would do hello kitty proud.

  4. -nSega54- says:

    Realllllly not a great quote. Man.

  5. GamerTB says:

    Chainsawnic, now with sonic spinning action!

  6. Fairgamer10 says:

    Great news! If they pull this off, Sega will make more money -stating the obvious- and could introduce more people to the sonic franchise which would hopefully drive up game sales in the long run.

  7. MatrixEvolution17 says:

    If SEGA really want Sonic to gain more popularity, they should get the minds behind ‘The Big Bang Theory’ to make a reference to the franchise on their show. (even though that show is publicly hated by all nerds)

  8. soniccortes says:

    I think Sonic just found a new home for his franchise. But there digital games must be doing good.

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