Zavvi product description reveals new All-Stars Racing Transformed gameplay details

With the release of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed just four months away, online retailers have started listing the game and revealing new tidbits within the product descriptions. Zavvi has listed the game, and treats potential buyers to a rather lengthy write up that borders on being a full on article. While the product description does not reveal new racers or tracks, it does detail the game’s many modes and expands on things mentioned in past interviews. After the break, a handy bulleted list of the info as well as the full description.

  • Tracks will offer multiple routes, including shortcuts.
  • The game will have 27 total racers, Sumo Digital has stated that this count does NOT include Ralph, Danica and a yet to be revealed third guest. So the final count would be 30, and again that does not include any potential DLC racers.
  • Aside from bees and snowballs, there are “super power-ups” in hard to reach places. I assume this means the stronger power-ups are harder to attain.
  • The story mode features 16 tracks, and this is where racers are unlocked. Sumo Digital has said that there are no cutscenes, so it’s likely that the term “story mode” will not be the final name given that there is no real story to tell.
  • Racing as individual characters earns points for that racer, which add up to a five rank leveling system. This leads to achievements and a very interesting vehicle modification system.
  • Vehicle mods offer perks including altering how racers handle, among other things. Could this mean even more fan service could slip in via new paint jobs and parts add-ons?
  • Online multiplayer has been enhanced, with up to eight racers supported. Grand prix and battle mode are now playable online.

Here is the full description from Zavvi:

Racing Transformed has, literally, transformed the way Sonic and the Sega All-Stars characters race, as now their karts transform into boats and planes when the terrain gives way to water or air. The tracks themselves are based upon retro Sega games, and they also change; the Panzer Dragoon inspired track Dragon Canyon has a dragon that roams the map and destroys a bridge early on in the race. This therefore forces the players to continue racing around the track either via their planes or boats, and means that every track has endless possibilities and versatility when it comes to gameplay. Each track also has many possible routes to take, including a number of shortcuts to be found throughout, offering a great deal of replayability for each course.

Alongside Sonic, a great deal of new and familiar characters emerge to join in this kart racing frenzy, adding up to 27 characters in total. These range from and include older fan favourites such as Gillius from Golden Axe, Joe Musashi from Shinobi, Vyse from Skies of Arcadia, along with the likes of Tails, Knuckles, and more. Each character’s vehicle handles differently, meaning that who you play best as is entirely up to your own personal playing style. You can perform tricks in every vehicle, which means that the All-Star meter, will fill up the more stylishly and daringly you drive; this leads to gaining experience points, and also your character’s All-Star Move should you fill up the bar, which can also be filled by collecting stars that are littered around the track.

Each course you race through has power-ups that can be found throughout, which can be used to throw off your opponents. These range from snowballs, bees, and also offers a defensive power-up, the baseball mitt, which acts as a shield and absorbs the power-up attacks your opponents throw at you and allows you to use them yourself instead. Super power-ups can be found in various hidden and hard to reach areas within the track, definitely giving you the advantage over the rest of the competition, and meaning that each race can be unique no matter how many times you play.

There is an extensive story mode that features sixteen brand spanking new Sega game-inspired tracks, which allows you to unlock characters as you progress throughout. You also earn points for your chosen character for completing races, which add up into a five rank levelling system, unlocking achievements, perk style vehicle modifications, and more, the more races you complete. These modifications can be equipped to alter the handling characteristics of your favourite character’s vehicle, amongst other things. Racing Transformed also offers overhauled multiplayer modes; whilst there is still the incredibly fun split-screen multiplayer, now there is an enhanced online multiplayer mode. Whilst playing and competing online, online races can support up to eight characters at once per race, ranging from the Grand Prix mode and the competitive Battle Arenas, and allows for new track records to be set.

The wide range of gameplay available within this game means that there is something for every Sega and racing game fan out there to enjoy. Whether playing solo, online, co-operatively or competitively, get stuck in and enjoy drifting round every corner, soaring through Sega’s signature blue skies, or speeding through the waves in a wide range of tracks that offer almost endless replayability.


7 responses to “Zavvi product description reveals new All-Stars Racing Transformed gameplay details

  1. sth88 says:

    I am so excited for this game, it’s ridiculous.

  2. The Dead Skin says:

    Story mode? Seems more like career mode, since it has no cutscenes…

  3. Opetret says:

    I’ll buy it day one, I just loved the first one.

  4. nuckles87 says:

    There we have it. Guest characters do not take up a SEGA character slot.

    We also have one more guest character, apparently :D.

  5. Shigs says:

    8 more characters than last time not including guests. Now can we stop complaining about guest characters being in the game?

  6. SonicItachi says:

    I have a feeling that the last guest character will either be Mario on Nintendo consoles, or Flo from the Progressive commercials. Just think, Sonic was in their commercial…..why not her in the game??

  7. No one from Valkyria Chronicles?
    I would love to drive the Edelweiss.

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