Sumo Digital clarifies the All-Stars Racing Transformed roster… again!

Sumo Digital has yet again commented on the number of racers found in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. This time it was Steve Lycett, also known as S0L, leaving a comment on the SEGA forums. Steve stated that over all the various platforms, there are 29 playable choices. However, no platform has all 29. Some platforms have rosters in the low 20’s, others have rosters in the high 20’s. Steve went on to state “Playable choices doesn’t necessarily equal drivers either. Not as we’re talking passengers or hood ornaments, counting those would indeed be cheap, but you know this is game all about transformation, we are doing things with the vehicles that we’ve not shown you, that are going to really surprise you.” Overall, some very cryptic stuff! Steve should really try out for the role of Gollum, because he is quite good at riddles. After the break, more from Steve as well as an assessment of his comments.

Steve continued by commenting “Across all the playable vehicles, there are currently more than 90 different forms (as each vehicle has a land, air and sea mode + you’ve not seen anything on the All-Stars…) and who said each vehicle was limited to a single driver… Or indeed vehicle type per surface.”

So what does this all mean? Well, if you remember the Zavvi product description, it was said that the game would have a leveling system for individual racers as well as modifications. Could this mean that modifications could lead to passengers that would assist you or new racers in the drivers seat? For all we know, as racers level up, new characters will become available or more fan service could slip in via accessories and paint schemes.

As for the comment of exclusive characters, many fans in the forums are getting worried that this could mean a Street Fighter X Tekken scenario where certain beloved SEGA characters become exclusive to a platform. While I think we should wait until we see the final roster before we freak out too much, I do think it’s warranted to get mad at the IDEA of this. Stuff like Avatars, Danica Patrick, Wreck-It Ralph and company exclusive guest characters like Banjo-Kazooie not being on every platform? Fine. But to make a character like Kazuma Kiryu exclusive to the PS3, or a character like Phantom R of Rhythm Thief exclusive to 3DS? Not very cool. At best, I’d hope that this means HD consoles will have more racers than the portable versions, as it was with the first game, but the number of SEGA characters is equal on all platforms within the HD console versions and the handheld versions.

We’ll have to wait and see.


4 responses to “Sumo Digital clarifies the All-Stars Racing Transformed roster… again!

  1. Arc Christelle says:

    Has anyone played a demo of it yet? I really loved the first one and I can’t wait for this one, but at times I see things in the trailers that scare me, like the way the drifting looks and the weapon choices. But I am loving the attention to stages and character roster. I might make a thread on the Sega Forums to make some noise about the weapon choices, because I really want to see more unique and interesting weapons, especially those that reference to those Sega games.

    That doesn’t go without saying I’m still pleased with the current work they have put into it.

    • Radrappy says:

      yeah it doesn’t make any sense to me why they can’t seem to understand the importance of creative, sega themed, weapons.

    • Arc Christelle says:

      Exactly, it’s those things that also helps the game stand out from other titles as well as establishing a common recognizable trademark, I like the new approach to all-star moves, but it’s not enough to makes someone excited. Invest in Chaos, not Balance.

  2. Well this is unfortunate, nah kidding (if I get the xbox 360 version I don’t want banzo and kazooie again, I want freaking master chief that’d be pretty cool, however I have a feeling the ps3/vita version is the one to get with wii u in 2nd, 3ds in 3rd, and xbox 360 in last (now this is assuming though, so we’ll see, nintendo’s version could be the better version (I’m not holding my breath on the xbox 360 version).

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