My Life with SEGA kills zombies in Biohazard and plays with Ballz

This week My LIFE with SEGA takes on the undead in the Japanese SEGA Saturn game Biohazard, also known as Resident Evil. Then, AJ and his friend Mickey Mac play with some balls in Ballz for the SEGA Genesis. Like these videos and want to see more? Subscribe to the SEGAbits YouTube channel!

Ballz after the break.


5 responses to “My Life with SEGA kills zombies in Biohazard and plays with Ballz

  1. Dubba814 says:

    Wow, the Ballz one was just plain hilarious to watch. XD

  2. mylifewithsega says:

    Hehe. I’m glad ya’ dug it. Trust me, never play this game; unless you have a buddy and some brew.

  3. Kori-Maru says:

    I’ve heard that the Saturn version of RE had a Golden Tyrant, were you able to beat that goldenlicious of a monster?

    • mylifewithsega says:

      Oh yeah. The gold Tyrant is no more powerful than the original you face in the lab. In this version, the Tyrant that hops outta’ the case goes down after two-three shots with the Colt. When ya’ go for the door, that’s when the gold Tyrant hops out of a blackened case in the back. Now he’s the challenge.

      When you signal Vickers, you’re attacked by the grey fucker again.

      It’s funny; when I first played this version, I didn’t know about the addition of the gold Tyrant, so it acutally made me jump. It was a good feeling. Reminded me of when I first played it and the “dogs-coming-through-windows” sequence scared the shit outta’ me. Fun stuff.

  4. CrazyTails says:

    Whenever I hear Bio Hazard I always think of the genesis shmup :P.

    Anyway I never played the japanese or saturn versions of RE1 sadly. For all the reasons you stated, I still can’t find a reason why I should. You pointed out the graphics as being inferior which is something that could only prevent me from trying it out. I don’t know when you played this game and wether it’s nostalgic to you or not, but tbh those cutscenes are hard for me to be takes serious XD, and in a game like RE, you at least wanna be able to take it serious, despite the bad VA, which I agree is awesome haha

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