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Jet Set Radio soundtrack available for pre-order on iTunes

Posted by ShigsFollow Shigs on Twitter! on Aug 22nd, 2012

Looks like the game isn’t the only thing you’ll be able to purchase next month. The soundtrack to Jet Set Radio is available for pre-order on iTunes (USA). The soundtrack is unique and not exactly accurate. It’s mainly all Hideki Naganuma tunes including some from JSRF. The Jet Set Radio soundtrack will be available on Sept 18th for $9.99.

3 thoughts on “Jet Set Radio soundtrack available for pre-order on iTunes”

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  1. Beat says:

    Kick-ass! Even if I have both Jet Set Radio and JSRF’s soundtracks in both physical and digital copies…Hopefully the soundtrack and the game pull in enough sales for SEGA to consider a new JSR. JSR is my favorite SEGA franchise and I’d love to see some HD Jet Set on the Wii U, PS3, and 360!

  2. -nSega54- says:

    Hm…I’d rather have a full JGR soundtrack than a Naganuma soundtrack from games 1 and 2. But ah well. Probably licensing issues.

  3. Dubba814 says:

    Hopefully I’ll be able to pre-purchase.

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