Project X Zone gets a new frantic gameplay trailer

Check out the latest Project X Zone trailer, this one is showing off the in-game’s crazy fighting engine. It looks pretty intense. Sadly the game has only been announced for release in Japan. I guess we can look at it and envy them Japanese people.


5 responses to “Project X Zone gets a new frantic gameplay trailer

  1. Hitrax says:

    Better than the last one, shame it’s 3DS exclusive.

  2. Alexandre says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! IT’S ESTELLISSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. AfterEights says:

    Who is Estellisse?

  4. STORM! says:

    I’m buying a 3DS next week only to play this game! Now I will have the ways to play also Shinobi 3D and Sonic Generations 3Ds version.

  5. Alexandre says:

    Estellise is one of the characters of Tales of Vesperia

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