SEGA expanding on Hostess dating in Yakuza 5

I know that Yakuza franchise is known for beating the crap out of Japanese gangsters, but it is also known for its hostess mini-games. SEGA is bringing this back (don’t they always?) and expanding on it. In the past games conversations with the hostess where always in text. In Yakuza 5, they will have spoken lines with regional dialects and a new free action system should give players more realistic conversations as well.

If the hostess likes you, you can take her out on a date. This will actually allow you to walk around with her in town and take her places. The more you explore the cities, the more conversation starters you get. Dating will open up side stories for each character you play as, making it unique and expands on the game’s story. Check out more pictures by hitting the jump.


One response to “SEGA expanding on Hostess dating in Yakuza 5

  1. betablocker says:

    So…. ummm.

    I’m embaressed to say I’ve wasted a fraction of my life playing the hostess minigame in Yakuza one.

    And if you answered their questions correctly, you could take them out for a date before making bang bang in the original game as well.

    So what exactly are they expanding?

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