Wreck-It-Ralph and Danica Patrick are the focus of two new All Stars Racing Commercials

Sega shows that Sonic isn’t the only star of their new racing game. The first one is made for US TV-viewing audiences and features Danica Patrick and Sonic going out of their way to torture AiAi. It reminds me enough of the Sega commercials of old that it really should have ended with AiAi screaming “SEGA!”. What’s cool is this commercial also re-confirms the US street date of November 18th.

Read on to see Ralph ask Sonic “What are you doing in a car?”

Next we have a new internet trailer focused squarely on Wreck-It-Ralph who’s voice is obviously not done by John C. Reily. If they really wanna do cross promotion, they should add this trailer before the actual movie.

Big Thanks to Sonic Stadium for providing the links.


5 responses to “Wreck-It-Ralph and Danica Patrick are the focus of two new All Stars Racing Commercials

  1. Dubba814 says:

    When I first played Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, not once did I ask, “Why is Sonic in a car?”

  2. You mean “What are you doing in a car?”

  3. At the end, I almost expected Aiai to yell “SEGA!”

  4. Chaos9051 says:

    Just saw Wreck it Ralph today. All the Sonic cameos were within the first half of the movie and ended right before Sugar Rush was shown. Except the credits…. I highly recommend seeing the movie in 3D, its not the same without it.

    • Randroid says:

      Just saw it today too. Sonic’s part in the end roll was short but damn impressive.

      I second the 3D recommendation.

      Great movie overall.

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