Watch the Valkyria Chronicles anime now on Crackle in North America

You read that right. Crackle, Sony’s free streaming video service which is available on PS3, XBOX 360 and online, includes many anime programs which they own the rights to. Turns out, one of them is Valkyria Chronicles. It includes all 26 episodes subtitled. This is a great opportunity for fans to see this rare anime which hasn’t been released on DVD yet. Watch the full series at Crackle’s site now! Or watch it on your PS3 or XBOX 360 via the Crackle app.


7 responses to “Watch the Valkyria Chronicles anime now on Crackle in North America

  1. Kori-Maru says:

    I’ve been looking for this everywhere.

  2. Skateboard says:


  3. Betablocker says:

    Tell me more.

  4. Jass says:

    Unfortunately, Crackle in the UK is not that great, there is very little choice in comparison to the original US version, as a US company it’s a bit understandable, there are UK platforms that have far far far more content. But I suppose Crackle is still expanding and growing, but it will always be slower in comparison to the US ver as the UK ver is just their foreign expansion and further away from their sourced content. It’s not bad for animi’s though, it usually has these the most, so it’ll probably have Valkyrie Chronicles.

  5. Updated the post to make it more apparent that Crackle is not just a PS3 app, but is also on 360 and more importantly online:

  6. Teflon02 says:

    I’ll watch maybe, but not now, I’ll hope for a dub, and watch subbed if it really has no chance, tho I’m sure FUNimation will be all over this is AN isn’t

    • mengels7 says:

      This is a few years old now. You’re never going to see this get a dub. I’m amazed you can legally stream it in the US now with subtitles! Watch it!

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