SEGAbits contributes to cover story – “A Dream Deferred: When Sega Got Out at the Right Time”

Gaming website has posted their cover story for the week, entitled “A Dream Deferred: When Sega Got Out at the Right Time”. The story covers the Dreamcast’s exit from the market, and argues why it might have been a good decision in the long run. 1UP writer Ray Barnholt reached out to SEGAbits earlier in the month for our thoughts on the Dreamcast’s demise, and the finished article features quotes from our very own Shigs and -nSega54-! Head on over to to read the article, and feel free to share your thoughts both there and here.

Again, a big thanks to 1UP and Ray Barnholt for thinking of us when it came to the opinions of SEGA fans!

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3 responses to “SEGAbits contributes to cover story – “A Dream Deferred: When Sega Got Out at the Right Time”

  1. Hitrax says:

    Always great to see an article on the Dreamcast, Sega consoles and Sega’s hardware business in general.

    I’m not sure I agree with one of their points though, about not staying in for the next 5 years, to avoid the emerging rise of the mobile phone market, remember, the Dreamcast was the first to give us an online portal for consoles, Sega could have been where Microsoft is right now with the Xbox Live platform, they would have definitely had an edge over it by now if they remained, and most of all, it would keep Sega’s morale high and keep them very competitive and no doubt healthier as a result.

    It seems that to be successful in the industry was more a matter of being able to outlast the criticisms, we saw that with Microsoft’s first foray into the home console market with their Xbox original, people were quick to shun it at first, but look at it now, it’s on a par with competing against Sony as a major competitor, and often even outdoes Sony now on many occasions, it’s a shame in a way, when you think, this could have been the position Sega was in right now, and Sega we are talking about right now, instead of Microsoft.

  2. Shigs says:

    I’m in the article? Sweet!

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