Fan made: Alex Kidd in Miracle World in HD!

If All-Stars Racing Transformed Christmas gift wasn’t enough for you, another SEGA icon gets the HD treatment! This time, it’s SEGA’s early mascot, Alex Kidd, who gets to shine in a HD remake of the Sega Master System classic “Alex Kidd in Miracle World” The fan made project and sprites is redone by MCBRemakes from Brazil. Love how they used Alex Kidd’s sprites from the official box art. What do you guys think? Hit the jump to see the game in action.


9 responses to “Fan made: Alex Kidd in Miracle World in HD!

  1. Kevin-N says:

    This is awesome !!!!!!!

  2. celsowm says:

    What will happen if Sega hire the guy that created the HiSMS (the amazing HD sms emulator) and porting this to XBOX, PS3…?

  3. Hopefully lawsuit happy Sega of Japan doesn’t shut this down. This is some brilliant work kind of like the Sonic CD HD guy’s work.

  4. Betablocker says:

    I was expecting it to be something like this:

    So not really excited for the remake.

  5. KorakSreaxin says:

    But where can I play it?!

  6. Name says:


    This is some awesome shit

  7. Danjaon says:

    This is one of my all time favourite games so I’d love to see this completed. I hope they update the music and sound effects too.

  8. Viadinho says:

    I agree! I dont see a reason to play this remake! If it was like as seen at the video, I was excited!

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