RUMOR: Sega looking to buy Relic

Interesting news coming out of the THQ bankruptcy. Apparently, they are selling their properties and developers piecemeal to the highest bidders. According to a Twitter post from Insidegaming, Sega appears to be the highest bidder on Relic Studios. If you don’t know Relic, they do the popular Warhammer, Company of Heroes and Dawn of War franchises. If this deal goes through, I imagine Sega will use them to boost their PC profile. We should find out soon enough if this deal is actually happening, but so far All signs point to “yes”. Stay tuned.


2 responses to “RUMOR: Sega looking to buy Relic

  1. Didn’t expect this rumor to pop up, but it is welcomed. I wouldn’t mind if they also bought Volition too! Red Faction, and Saint’s Row! HELL why not just give me a heart attack and buy Vigil too and add Darksiders to my long winded wishful list.

  2. Barry the Nomad says:

    Given SEGA and Creative Assembly obtained the license for Warhammer games, this would totally make sense. Perhaps they’d make Relic a part of Creative Assembly?

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