Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed: SEGA has given Sumo Digital “approval for a specific character”

In late November, Sumo Digital Executive Producer Steve Lycett made SEGA fans an offer they couldn’t refuse. If the fans could pull together and organize a legitimate character poll, complete with accurate tracking and strong numbers, Steve would present the data to SEGA in hopes of character DLC for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Steve stressed that this was not a promise that there would be DLC, however a recent update from Steve on the SEGA forums (going by his handle “S0L”) implies that things are moving forward on DLC and a character has been chosen by SEGA. In Steve’s words:

Actually… We got approval for a specific character this morning. But that’s all I can say right now… 😛

Details and speculation after the break.

So, who is Racer X? The results yielded seven strong contenders: Ryo Hazuki, Hatsune Miku, Segata Sanshiro, Vectorman, Bayonetta, Ristar, and ToeJam & Earl. Each of these characters obtained over 1,000 votes, with Ryo and Miku beating the top contenders with 3,379 and 3,180 respectively. Who is the “specific character”? Who knows! But in my opinion it is most likely Ryo Hazuki. SEGA hasn’t been shy with selling Shenmue products in the past few years, with the Insert Coin clothing and the upcoming First4Figures statue. Also, SEGA reps have hinted at Shenmue being next in like for a Heritage Collection rerelease. Releasing Ryo as a DLC character in 2013, to coincide with a Shenmue rerelease would be a wise move.

As for Miku, unfortunately the character just does not have enough of a presence in the West. Miku games are almost exclusive to Japan, and the only way the character could have a chance is if SEGA makes Miku DLC in the West, and puts her on the disc of the Japanese release of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Personally I am against the character, as many SEGA forum members reported that Miku got votes by way of Miku fan sites stuffing the ballot, with little interest of the game itself and only wanting to see the character win a poll.

Who do you think Racer X is? It’s not Speed’s brother. Sound off below and in our forums!


12 responses to “Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed: SEGA has given Sumo Digital “approval for a specific character”

  1. GuitarAnthony says:

    Honestly, I won’t go crazy if it’s Ryo. He was in the first game so it’s not like we’ve not ever seen him before. Now…Segata Sanshiro racing in a Sega Saturn? I will grab my maraca controllers and dance like Amigo if THAT happens.

  2. Obviously it’s going to be Ripley on a power-loader.

  3. inthesky says:

    Hoping for Ryo Hazuki! That Shenmue re-release has gotta be coming soon.

  4. SMT Xero says:

    i would much rather a character who hasn’t been seen for awhile then ryo, like vectorman or toe jam and earl.

  5. ptpattycakes says:

    I would love to see Kazuma Kiru, or Ristar as an actual racer instead of the flag boy….

  6. Tyler Apparicio says:

    oh please give us Hatsune Miku we did the poll And mostly Hatsune Miku is 1st and 2nd and most regions you selected

  7. SkyBlue says:

    I would say that it’s Ryo too…but would prefer Ristar.

  8. Jay_PC says:

    Honestly? Vectorman would be my pick AND it works out Perfectly with the Transformation theme

  9. Philip Elthorpe says:

    I hope that Miku gets in purely since her presence is so poor in the west since SEGA aren’t making the effort. At E3 2012, They stuffed her in a corner of the room.

    Although, I suspect SEGA have gone for the cheap and easy way out, Ryo Hazuki.
    If we’re right, f*** you, SEGA. Don’t make a poll just to see if you can bring someone back.

  10. Fastesthe1 says:

    I hope Hatsune Miku makes it into the game, because I own it for the XBox. If Miku doesn’t make it, then I’m not downloading any characters.

  11. Skye Izumi says:

    I’m hoping for Miku, and she as a fair chance too. SEGA are planning to bring Project Diva F PS3 port to West countries. SaASRT is a good chance to raise more awareness of Hatsune Miku. So Miku as has much chance as Ryo, who I bet became more popular thanks to the 1st game , now it’s Miku’s turn.

  12. Tsthebest123 says:

    Wow we all forgot kid chameleon
    He would go great with it
    He could drive a…i dont even know

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