Updated: Code of Joker revealed to be a Japanese digital card arcade game

Move along, folks. Nothing to see here. SEGA of Japan’s mystery game, Code of Joker, has been revealed by Famitsu to be a digital card game for mobile phones arcades. Famitsu describes the game as a “digital trading card game” and notes that people who attend events at select locations tomorrow in Japan will receive digital gifts including a ” login bonus stamp at the start of the game”.  The game most likely will not see release outside of Japan given SEGA’s past mobile trading card arcade titles.

Update: Seems the game is not for mobile phones, but is rather for arcades. It is still, however, a card game. The mobile phone mixup came from the mention of players mobile phones, which is actually referring to an “Aime card“. Players use physical Aime cards to access their data on arcade machines, much like the old idea of using a VMU with arcade machines. Players can also access their Aime card data via their mobile phones.

Thanks to SEGAbits forum member Aki-at for the heads up!


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  1. Matt says:

    Looks like a pretty good game. I’d be interested in getting it if it was on PS4.

    Here is an update video (from July 22 2015):

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