Ian Flynn to be guest on the next Sonic Talk! Ask your questions here.


The most famous writer in video game comicdom is coming back to Sonic Talk! Ian Flynn, writer of Mega Man, the New Crusaders and of course, Sonic the Hedgehog will be answering your all important questions on our next show! Questions like “What do hedgehogs smell like?”, ” Why aren’t (insert your favorite shipping pair here) together”, “Is Protoman secretly Racer X?”, and “If a tasmanian devil gets rid of all the echidnas in the world and no one cares, does it make a sound?”

Post your questions in the comments section below, and we may read them on the podcast! Let us know if you want your name to be read as well.

All questions must be in by Wednesday morning.

Please do not ask any questions about the Archie case against Penders as Ian cannot answer them.


18 responses to “Ian Flynn to be guest on the next Sonic Talk! Ask your questions here.

  1. GhostAnjo says:

    Ian, If you were ever offered to write for the games or do a Sonic the Hedgehog movie or cartoon would you do it?

  2. Mandobardanjusik says:

    OK, so I am wondering, will we be seeing the return of Nack the Weasel any time soon? and might we see a Nack /Team Holligan story arc?

    Though, another tangent on that thought, so we have seen more recently a slightly more heavy involvement that involve characters from the games, like Metal Knuckles, and the Chaotix arc, which also includes mighty and ray as a central part. I think it wouldnt be out of the question to have a new original arc expanding on Nack, and the proably the rest of team hooligan(Bark and Bean), even though they are scrapped characters in the games, they have been active in the comics, but we havent seen them for awhile, so maybe they have planning something, thats just a thought.

    ok my second question
    2) Will we ever see a story where Eggman is really out of his comfort zone, where he is stripped of pretty much everything, but his skills and is forced to work with little to get his freedom? nothing but a man and his tools, we know he is a robotic genius, but we have rarely seen a time when he is forced to deal with an immediate situation, without an army at his back, with an enemy more powerful than him, but without sonic to bail him out.

    • Mandobardanjusik says:

      ok I have a third question:
      Under that quiet and gruff exterior, is Bark something more than he seems? and are you ever going to explore his back story, and why he has fallen in with fellows like Nack and Bean?

    • Mandobardanjusik says:

      Oh yeah, you guys can use my name, or if its too hard to say, Just refer to me as Mando

  3. Mesfin says:

    So, we now know what’s going on in MegaMan’s world after Worlds Collide, but what about Sonic? What can we expect after the event?

  4. Dr-Spudhead says:

    My question would be Mr Flynn, in a recent interview you said you might enjoy putting Mephiles in a story ( the FTA super power flower hour interview). What could you potentially do with him? A team up with Finitevus? Thanks, Dr Spudhead

  5. Mysterics says:

    Will there be any other in-universes or alternate timeline stuff? I’d love to see stories that aren’t based in the usual ‘Archie-verse’ ie much more based on the games, as a recurring feature.

    • Shigs says:

      The “World Collide” Arc does change Sonic’s world and it’s definitely more based on the games. Won’t stay that way though.

  6. Ogilvie Maurice says:

    1. Are there going to be any long-term effects of the Second Genesis Wave being reversed? While the first wave seems negligible, surely ripping the fabric of space time twice has more enormous repercussions? Exponential/compounding damage and all.

    2. How does roboticisation immunity work now, exactly? After the events of Genesis, was everyone back to their prior immunity (or lack thereof) status, or were some people rendered roboticisable who previously were not?

    3. Once Silver is able to save Sally, will he be allowed to return to his future? If the future never deteriorates as a result of Sally’s loss, doesn’t that mean Mogul will never turn repentant and Silver will have to face his former master?

    4. Exactly how do magic, chaos energy, and psychic abilities match up? We’ve seen that psychic powers trump chaos energy, but Naugus was able to use his magic to nearly kill Silver. Is there really any such thing as being the most powerful character, since it seems there’s a rock-paper-scissors sort of setup to each type of power?

    5. Will Silver react a bit strangely if he ever gets to meet Knuckles face to face, given that he’s seen what Knuckles is capable of if events ever went bad for him?

  7. crippenstation says:

    Should the Worlds Collide saga be a success, should be possibly be on the lookout for other Sonig/Mega Man crossovers in other mediums besides the comic book series? I know this is purely speculation, but I do wish to pick your brain on that.

  8. sonictoast says:

    Hi Ian,

    You are the best. Anyway, Hypothetically, if Nintendo wanted you to write a Mario comic series would you do it? Are you a Mario fan?

  9. espioisclearlyreadytogo says:

    Dear Ian Flynn

    Would you want Jazwares to make action figures of the comic book characters?

    (SEGAbits can use my name.)

  10. sonictoast says:

    Another question,

    Which name do you prefer, Dr. Robotnik or Dr. Eggman?

  11. SonicSays321 says:

    *ok to say name*

    Hi Ian!

    Hypothetical question as I love the current canon but here it is anyway. If you were to start fresh from day one with Sonic like you did with Mega Man, how would you approach a 2013 Sonic book? Would it be like a continuation of what Sonic Genesis was which was a nice mix of SEGASonic and SatAM/ArchieSonic elements with a lean more towards the games or a flat-out SEGA book which might eventually need a few original characters to flesh it out bit like the MegaMan book? Or maybe even put your own new spin on the Sonic franchise altogether?

    Also is Snivley coming back into the fray soon? I love me some Orbot and Cubot for their comedic effect but the dynamic and relationship between Snivley and Eggman was always fun to see as they always tried to stab each other in the back.

  12. Ogilvie Maurice says:

    Do you have any ideas on Bark the Polar Bear’s backstory? Did he fight in the Great War as shown in Robotnik’s flashback, or was that just artistic license? Given that soldiers in real wars in the past often became mercenaries once the war was over, and that older polar bears have yellow fur, I’ve always wondered.

    If you had the ability to change a character like Shadow’s backstory, would you? I know there are problems with using the Black Arms, so if you did alter his backstory, what would you go with?

  13. Elohe says:

    Will Metal Sonic’s powers from the Sonic 4: Episode Metal treasure be returning to him?

    Ok to say name.

  14. Nicky W says:

    Which Two Couples Are Actually Together – Sonaze or Silvaze? (Sonaze – Sonic + Blaze – Silvaze – Silver + Blaze) Thanks if you can reply, Ian!

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