Video Review: Mega Drive Master System Converter

TrackerTD, first place winner of the SEGAbits third anniversary contest, put together this excellent video review of the Mega Drive Master System Converter, also known as the SEGA Genesis Power Base Converter. It really is a sweet piece of tech, allowing Genesis and Mega Drive owners to play Master System games in both cartridge and card formats on their 16-bit console. Check out TrackerTD’s great video review above and make sure to browse and subscribe to his YouTube Channel. Congrats TrackerTD, and enjoy  AJ’s personal copy of Technocop for the Genesis, his Genesis model 2 and a copy of the official “SEGAbits Presents My Life with SEGA” DVD!


3 responses to “Video Review: Mega Drive Master System Converter

  1. IrishNinja says:

    Congrats man! ironic that dude won a Master System 2 after saying this device wouldn’t work on it, heh. Still, good work & do a review on Technocop!

    • mylifewithsega says:

      Oh he is. Since playing the game, he now hates my guts and has sworn off anything published by Razor Soft. LOL!

  2. joe says:

    Didn’t seem to work on first attempt at times….if your gonna play SMS games, play them on the Master System Power Base is what I say!

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