Zombie MAYhem – My Life with SEGA enters The House of the Dead

Zombie MAYhem comes to a close with my review of The House of the Dead for SEGA Saturn.

The original was a smash in arcades way back in ’97. It spawned four sequels and two atrocious cinematic adaptations. While the arcade game was met with praise, the Saturn port was slammed pretty hard upon release. Game Revolution gave it ‘C’ and called it a “sloppy port” and warned “don’t go in this house”.

But how can this be? The Saturn gave us some stellar ports, like Virtua Fighter 2 and the Virtua Cop. Why is this? Watch and learn. Like this video? Subscribe to the SEGAbits YouTube channel!


2 responses to “Zombie MAYhem – My Life with SEGA enters The House of the Dead

  1. IrishNinja says:

    Look at that sexy white Saturn…just look at it.

    Didn’t know about the alternate paths, that’s awesome! Kinda bummed that I can’t get a Stunner working again until I get a CRT set, though.

  2. mylifewithsega says:

    Yeah, she’s sexy….and she plays movies. I love her.

    Hit a Goodwill, bro. I can get an old “30 JVC for $45. I’m looking to get one myself after I stop blowing money on games and cigarettes for 5 minutes.

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