Timegate Studios lays off its entire staff

                                                             "Free hugs!"

Timegate, developers of the decent digital title Section 8 and the “too big for its britches” Aliens: Colonial Marines (which Gearbox apparently outsourced a huge chunk of the project to) had filed for bankruptcy last week according to a post from Kotaku. But now it seems like they are going for a chapter 7 liquidation. It appears Timegates’ main publisher Southpeak has dissolved the studio entirely. Employees were sent home early today.


5 responses to “Timegate Studios lays off its entire staff

  1. Shigs says:

    Now, before everyone says “good riddance” in the comments thread, I want to say that there are some talented men and women at Timegate. Section 8 is actually a pretty decent digital FPS title. It’s just that it seems Aliens: Colonial Marines was given to them with little time to finish and with a likely much smaller staff than Gearbox has. No matter what, you can’t expect a small publisher to put out the same quality of work as a big publisher with a bigger budget. Blame Gearbox for the piss poor quality of Aliens: CM. Not Timegate.

  2. Nux says:

    I got a good idea: how about we just not say “good riddance” at all. Think we can do that guys? Game development is hard, grueling work, and all sorts of factors can go into a game turning out shit. It’s easy for people on the sidelines like us to ignore that fact and insult an entire game studio, but that does not mean we should.

  3. betablocker says:

    Good Riddance! They couldn’t even pay their Pizza tab. It would’ve been nicer if it was GearBox, but i’ll take what I can get.

  4. Nux says:

    Yet again, my childlike optimism is shattered by the reality of people on the internet…

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