Nintendo Germany says third Sonic title coming this year


According to Sonic Stadium, it was confirmed in a Nintendo Germany press release yesterday that the third Sonic title in the SEGA/Nintendo partnership will be coming this year. According to TSS, the press release said:

Today, they (Sega) revealed further details of the second of three titles, which the two companies will release exclusively on Wii U and 3DS. All three games will be released this year.

Three Sonic titles arriving in a single year? Provided they are all new releases, this could be the largest number of Sonic titles slated for a single year since 2010. What kind of game could this third release be? It is unlikely to be another platforming adventure and a sequel to the All Stars franchise so soon after the last entry seems extremely unlikely. SEGA’s announced SKUs for the Wii U does leave room for one more packaged title provided SEGA is publishing, but it could very well be a digital title. Perhaps Nintendo fans will finally get their taste of Sonic 4 Episode 2, or maybe even an all new digital title.

We will just have to see. Hopefully, more will be revealed as we get closer to E3.


11 responses to “Nintendo Germany says third Sonic title coming this year

  1. radrappy says:

    Hopefully it’s not sonic 4-2. The game was a critical blunder and is truly unpleasant to play.

  2. CrazyTails says:

    If its episode 2, all the positive momentum that has been collected in these last few weeks will instantly die.

  3. Wonks says:

    I wonder if it may be Sonic 4 Ep. III. I can’t imagine another new game being released this year. (Probably they’ll release Ep. I & II on the eShop with some sort of “lock-on” technology in preparation.)

  4. Ben says:

    I feel like in the absolute BEST case scenario, it’ll be Sonic 4:Episode 3. I just can’t see them releasing 3 retail Sonic games so close together; they’d all compete with each other.

    So I’m thinking it’s digital as well, and that could either mean a pointless port of Episode 2 or it could mean Episode 3.

    I’m hoping for the latter.

  5. Amrith says:

    I’d be more than okay with a boxed “Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Complete” including Episode I, II without Tails combined moves and III, with homogenized graphics and physics, and cohesive story between chapters via new cutscenes. Plus already known bonus modes (Episode Metal, the two exclusive iOS levels, the original versions of Episode I, II, III) and new ones (Missions and VS)…

  6. Beta locker says:

    Maybe, it will be S4e3.

    Compiled on a disk with the previous 2 episodes all with the physics from Sonic 3.

  7. MatrixEvolution says:


    Okay, that joke is actually starting to get pretty old now.

  8. crackdude says:

    it’s a Mario x Sonic platformer

  9. radrappy says:

    does anyone actually even want S4-3?

  10. Kevin-N says:

    Sonic adventure 3 !!!!!

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