E3 interview: Producer Omar Woodley (Castle of Illusion)

Purple Shigs, Purrrple shiiigs! A royal hue shines upon me as I talk to the producer of Castle of Illusion, Omar Woodley, about what went into remaking this classic platformer. Also, you get to hear my “lovely” singing voice. By “lovely”, I mean you’ll want to stab your ears out with a pencil.

Sorry if it seems to cut off quickly, but Nux’s camera ran out of juice.


5 responses to “E3 interview: Producer Omar Woodley (Castle of Illusion)

  1. lenno says:

    Not much of an impressive E3 for Sega this year, only 5 games?, two which were remakes lol, thought it might have been a lot more, considering Sega’s space they rented.

    What happened to the Sega Spectrum, it was meant to be shown yesterday but nobody has any info on it.

  2. Eck says:

    Yes the Sega Spectrum was a curious one. I would have thought it was probably a hoax at first, but a lot of people and sites were broadcasting it for months, I thought it was too widespread to be a hoax by them, as surely somebody would have been able to prove it, and Sega didn’t even bother denying it.

  3. matty says:

    Excellent camera work, Nux.
    You did awesome, too, Shigs, although I thought you said you were Barry at first for some reason XD

  4. Sega Uranus says:

    “Original 8 bit soundtrack included in the game” – I assume he meant to say 16 bit, but I am hoping they have both the Genesis and Master System versions in sound test and hopefully playable in the game itself. I appreciate that they wanted to go with a more classic Disney-like feel for the music and I am sure it will be good for what it is, but what I have heard of the remade soundtrack so far is very, very disappointing compared to the incredible original songs.

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