Obsidian talks more about their canceled Aliens survival RPG

Aliens_Crucible_GameplayObsidian recently talked to Eurogamer about their canceled RPG, Aliens: Crucible and some of the mechanics it would have had in the full version. Obsidian had a pretty cool idea about building a stronghold that seemed to be one of the main features in the game.

“If you’re dealing with a ship repair mechanic who may have no combat experience whatsoever, that obviously would serve a vital function in surviving in this predicament. So it’s more of a third-person, two companions with you survival game, but it had a lot of the RPG trappings in terms of you could set up your own stronghold and base and build that up over time, explore more of the environment, figure out how you get all of the resources and stuff to survive.”– Chris Avellone, Obsidian’s creative director

The game was in development for over three years, till it was finally canned in 2009. Chris says that SEGA told them that they had to “take a step back and carefully consider the type of game we want to release”. Yet they still released that awful Aliens: Colonial Marines. According to Chris it wasn’t that bad, SEGA paid for them to build their own engine and even though the game got canceled they had that to walk away with. So yeah, great way to manage your money, SEGA. No wonder you are at the position that Nintendo has to fund Bayonetta 2.

What about Alpha Protocol 2?

Basically SEGA owns the Alpha Protocol IP, so it will be up to them. We recently wrote a Weekly Five titled, “Last generation SEGA IPs that I want to see return next generation” that featured an Alpha Protocol 2 shout out.

“They’ve come out on record as saying that they will never do a sequel, or that they weren’t planning to do a sequel for Alpha Protocol, and because they own the IP that’s probably the last that will be said on that.

“However, there were a lot of mechanics we were designing for Alpha Protocol 2 that could find their way into either another espionage game or another role-playing game, whether it’s espionage or not, so we’re kind of excited about that.

Seems that another Alpha Protocol type game from the studio is a huge possibility, just with brand new characters and under a new name.

Leaked early footage of Aliens: Crucible that was released last year:


6 responses to “Obsidian talks more about their canceled Aliens survival RPG

  1. betaman says:

    Some of the dialogue midway was good.

    But overall it looks crap, and it is best it didn’t come out.

  2. Lenno says:

    What is is with Sega now?

    They only show five games this years’s E3 (two of which are just remakes).

    And the next generation is just about to kick off and they have shown nothing for it.

    They are becoming more about the PC now rather than consoles, even though the consoles this generation are practically more PC than ever before, they practically are PC’s in living rooms now.

    Sega might as well bring all their PC made franchises to next gen consoles, because they’ve got hardly anything to show for the next gen, in fact what next gen game has Sega even shown yet?
    I can’t see any, not one.

  3. Hitrax says:

    Well played Sega, well played.

    Another shitty third party Sega game bites the dust, after blowing a shit ton of money on it first of course, Sega’s management never ceases to amuse.

    It’s for the best this cheap, badly developed trash never saw the light of day, look at it, this wouldn’t have even passed for moderate last generation.

    It’s for the best, at least it will prevent Sega’s already tarnished image from getting even more tattered with yet another dent crock of third party shit.

    Just a shame they even blew all that money on it in the first place.
    I mean it’s not like they didn’t already cunt up Aliens Colonial Marines by allowing these complete incompetent idiotic Gear Box tards to handle it.

    Yet, Another complete waste of money, ffs, Sega have already let wreaked their hardware division, are they prepared to do the same to their software ones as well?

    Where’s all the REAL Sega stuff?

    Not all these cheap third party crap and mediocre half-decent-at-times-but-not-great PC stuff.

    If they even bothered to bring out Yakuza 5 in the west (a growing franchise), PSO II (a huge success), an Outrun III or Virtua Fighter 6 or a proper new Sonic for real next gen, or all these other countless real Sega games, then it would be far better, not too much to ask for is it?
    I thought they were doing financially well these days too.

  4. mylifewithsega says:

    A little harsh, eh? I’m sorry, but this beta footage looks better to me than Colonial Marines. It’s moody and captures the essence of the franchise, though it’s an RPG. That’s a welcome breath of fresh air after the plethora of first-person shooters the franchise has been subjected to.

  5. ryo says:

    Loved Alpha Protocol. Don’t know how someone can say a game sucks based on beta leaked video.
    The RPG idea sounds way more interesting than a generic FPS and if there’s something Obsidian does well is stories so… Why the fuck the “other one” got released and this wasn’t?

    • George says:

      Well they where both canceled, I assume that the money that came in from Aliens vs Predator tempted SEGA in resurrecting the FPS Colonial Marines… then Gearbox screwed it all up.

      I mean, it costs more money to do a RPG than a linear FPS.

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