A trio of Sonic Lost World videos from Sonic Boom/Summer of Sonic

Tonight’s Sonic Boom event was host to some awesome music, cool giveaways. great guests and some exclusive videos (I REALLY wish I could have gone). First up is a new trailer for Sonic Lost World showing off some brand new areas and a return of an old gameplay formula. Hope you like grinding!………A lot!

Liked the Japanese cutscene last week? After the jump, check out an extended, full English version! Also, we finally put up the HD Summer of Sonic trailer from last week that we somehow missed!

I really love this scene (go to the :50 mark). It goes to show that even Sonic’s not perfect and is prone to mistakes. His own arrogance gets him, Tails and Eggman into a boatload of trouble. I doubt even Knuckles could have screwed up this badly.

Here’s a better Sonic Lost World trailer in super sharp HD. A little less “grindy” than the Sonic Boom one as well (but ONLY a little). How the heck did we miss this from last week? I’m usually on top of these things.

If you’ve attended Sonic Boom, please post your impressions here or in our forums. We’d love to hear your thoughts.


2 responses to “A trio of Sonic Lost World videos from Sonic Boom/Summer of Sonic

  1. Will says:

    I wish I knew Japanese now. The English dialogue is horrible just like Colors. The Japanese one seemed much more serious.

  2. Ivan says:

    I wonder if we’ll have the option to change the audio to Japanese? That would be great.

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