Help The Dreamcast Junkyard decide the top 200 Dreamcast games!

SEGAbits partner site The Dreamcast Junkyard has set up a poll which includes every single Dreamcast game from all regions, including indie titles. The mission: to create a definitive top 200 list of the best Dreamcast games. If this sounds familiar, it’s because back in 2009, a top 100 list was created by The Dreamcast Junkyard using data collected from a similar poll. Given attitudes towards certain games have likely changed with time and rereleases, as well as the additions of new indie Dreamcast games to the console’s library, now it a good time as any to revisit and expand the list.

To contribute, simply head on over to the polling site and select every game that you would deem to be a worthy addition to a top 200 list. You can select as many as you’d like, and it is encouraged that you select a sizable amount. This is not a popularity contest for one specific title. It is a comparison of many (at the time of this writing, 100+) Dreamcast fan’s lists. Games that appear one more lists are the ones that are more likely to make it near the top. The poll runs until November 18th and the results will be revealed on November 27th, which is the Dreamcast’s 15 anniversary in Japan.


10 responses to “Help The Dreamcast Junkyard decide the top 200 Dreamcast games!

  1. Gagaman says:

    Worded it far better than I could! 🙂

    • Ha! Thanks! I just wanted to make sure that people know these are lists compared to lists, not a “Let’s all support game X and make it number 1!”. If that were to happen, there would be no top 200, just a handful of games with a ton of votes and a ton of titles with zero votes.

  2. cube_b3 says:

    Great to hear GagaManiacs voice again.

    Even saw him opening the Sturmwind case, that is the closest we’re going to get an InsideOut video. What was even cooler was IRiDES: Limited Edition in your collection of Indie Games!

    Lastly the polling thing is confusing? Select as many games as you want? Can I select my top 10. Or am I just clicking on each game I like?

  3. Couldn’t find Virtual On Oratorio Tangram. 🙁

  4. Centrale says:

    This is impossible. How can I narrow it down to only 200?!

  5. crackdude says:

    at this point, why don’t we just order every DC release? lol

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