Update from “Service Games: The Rise and Fall of SEGA ” author David Munoz

We have an update from “Service Games: Rise and Fall of Sega ” author David Munoz, who we interviewed last month:

Hi everyone,

Good news: we have found our editor. I can’t go into specifics just yet, but all of you should be familiar with his work in one way or another. I have already seen some of the edited beginning and the increase in quality is night and day. Hopefully everyone agrees! This is your last chance to send in any edits before the text is finalized, so don’t delay if you know of things we may have missed.

We have a new timeline now. Hopefully way before this, but our plan is now to get everything to you guys before Christmas. This is obviously past our original date of this past August, but hopefully the extra additions and editing make up for it. As soon as we get the final text we will then send out the questionnaires. Print has the highest priority, followed by ebook. People who are waiting on a signed copy may not get their books before Christmas due to shipping times. If you are one of these people and you’d rather get it on time, please message or email me (servicegamessega at gmail.com) and we will refund you the difference and not sign them.

We are planning on launching the “hardback” only Kickstarter in January. This will give second-chance offers to everyone to get the color hardback editions, but will also help cover the added costs that all the delays accrued. We are planning on doing something special for backers of the original who want to back the new version, so stay tuned for that!

That’s it for news. Feel free to ask any questions and thanks for supporting this project… the end is in sight!


After the break, check out a message from David, responding to comments posted on our interview with him.

Hi SegaBits,

For the record, we actually aren’t opposed to changing the title. The title we are currently using was just the original title of the text way back when. And the main book ends at Dreamcast, but there is an “afterward” section that we are currently working on. If anyone wants to contribute on that part, let me know. Servicegamessega at gmail.com

This is a fan project. We love having the fans involved. :)

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