SEGA Cinema: House of the Dead

*Warning movie is rated R: contains gore, terrible acting and nudity*

**Is the YouTube video blocked in your country?**
No worries, download the full episode here.

Welcome to another installment of SEGA Cinema, where you sit back and watch a flick with your buddies here at SEGAbits. This time we are watching Uwe Boll’s classic ‘House of the Dead‘. That’s right, just in time to celebrate your Halloween night.

We suffered through this, now you have to too!



2 responses to “SEGA Cinema: House of the Dead

  1. cube_b3 says:

    This game was inteded to serve as a prequel to House of the Dead.

    I watched it with Mark Altman’s commentary and he talked a much better movie than he was capable of producing. But to his credit he was aware of how pathetic the movie came out and shared openly how each shot was suppose to look like…

    Also the budget of the movie according to him was “1 or 2 million, or less”.

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