SEGA-Sammy’s Finicial Report: Consumer division beats expectations, generates profit


It seems that SEGA-Sammy is on track. In recent earnings they continued to generate profit as a whole thanks to their amusement and pachinko slot machines, usually their consumer business loses money. Not this time, SEGA’s consumer business reported a income of 1.12 billion yen (about $11.35 million). What lead to SEGA’s sudden turn in profits?

  • During the three month period, their biggest title was Total War: Rome II, which moved 800,000 units.  Considering the fact that this report ends on September 30th, that would mean the game was on sale for less than a month!
  • According to the report their digital titles for Windows PC, mobile phones and smartphones ‘remained favorable’. Phantasy Star Online 2 saw 3 million registered accounts during August and 800,000 people downloaded the mobile game ‘Chain Chronicle‘ .

SEGA-Sammy as a company saw their operating income jump up 57.1 %, ranking in 12.4 billion yen. If you are one of the people that invested in SEGA-Sammy stock, congratulations!


6 responses to “SEGA-Sammy’s Finicial Report: Consumer division beats expectations, generates profit

  1. teirusu says:

    that’s because of sega pc games that sega its winning money that’s sega strategy well i am happy for sega congratulations indeed 🙂

  2. InTheSky says:

    Hmmm. Sega has been enjoying profit for a while, and it seems like they have been consistently hitting some fairly high returns. This is actually starting to make me nervous. They need to find something new to do, and hopefully manage Atlus properly (not too much)

    Lost World and Sochi Olympics are probably going to underperform, the former more so. And yeah, I’ve heard a lot about TW: Rome 2’s release being a mess

  3. lenno says:

    Where can you invest in Sega’s stock?
    What registrar handdles their share/stock?

    If you were interested in investing in them, where would one start?

  4. Gen says:

    Japanese autism?

  5. will313 says:

    If they are doing so well, why isnt PSO2 here yet. This angers me to no end, I’m sick of this bottom line monitoring bs.

  6. Hitrax says:

    I wonder what all those nay sayers of the Pachinko business side are saying now about this, Sega’s consumer division has under performed many times but now the Pachinko business has been able to balance these losses out, Sega is doing good as a whole, because it can use one side of it’s business to balance out their under-performing side or Sega’s core division. But people were blaming Sammy’s Pachinko line before a lot, I wonder how they see it now, would Sega be this successful without it now?
    Still good news all around, at least they aren’t in the state that Capcom is in right now, which would be especially bad given the start of a new console cycle.
    It’s that bad for Capcom now unfortunately, that they can’t even afford to bring their latest SFIV revision to the next gen systems, according to ‘ReviewTechUSA’ on Youtube.

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