Demon Tribe now available and free to download on iOS

Demon Tribe, produced by Masayoshi Kikuchi of Panzer Dragoon, Yakukza, and Jet Set Radio fame, is now available to download on iOS for free! That’s right, no need for us to convert prices or post a list of currencies for each country. The title is free to download now, and those who get into the game early gain access to exclusive KISS Demons and other launch rewards. As shared by the SEGA Blog, completing the following objectives unlocks exclusive demons designed to look like members of the band KISS:

Receive KISS ‘The Star Child’ Rare Demon (Paul Stanley) when you complete the tutorial!
Receive KISS ‘The Demon’ Rare Demon (Gene Simmons) when you share the exciting launch of Demon Tribe to your Facebook or Twitter profile from within the game!
Receive 1,000 CP (in-game currency) by raising your Organization Level to 20!
Receive Bonus Gems to summon more Demons just for logging in!

A weird, but welcomed, bonus indeed. SEGA describes the game as an intense real-time blend of MOBA, Card Collection and RPG gaming. Players are tasked with building a powerful team of fighters by capturing demons and fusing them into magic that transforms you and your tribe into the very demons you vanquish. For more info on the game, head on over to the SEGA Blog or simply download it now!


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