Our newest YouTube series, This is Saturn, takes a Rolling Staaaaaaaaaaart!

Presenting a new SEGAbits YouTube channel original series dedicated to SEGA’s 2D and Arcade powerhouse, the SEGA Saturn. Our new series, entitled “This is Saturn”, is created by the latest member of the SEGAbits team, Liam ‘Tracker’ Ashcroft. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Tracker was the winner of our third anniversary contest back in February. It ended up being sort of a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory situation, where he not only won the prizes, but was also invited on staff. We just refused to also house his family, and we have no chocolate to share.

In this premiere episode, Tracker looks at the arcade hit Daytona USA’s conversion to the Saturn. Take it away, Tracker:

Daytona USA is a game I have fond memories of in terms of the arcade – both the original and the also fantastic sequel (which is crying out for a home port) have eaten many £1 pieces out of my wallet over the years, and the HD re-release on PSN was great!. As a result, the game was the first thing I bought for my Saturn – and it only set me back 50p!

So, is it still an arcade classic? Or is it just a polygonal pile of shit? Let’s find out, in a review certainly not ripped from my personal channel. Not in the slightest.

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5 responses to “Our newest YouTube series, This is Saturn, takes a Rolling Staaaaaaaaaaart!

  1. Gen says:

    A ‘British accent’ would be a collective, people. The English accent is merely one type of the British accents, there is the English accents, the Scottish accents and the Welsh accents, and of course there is further variations of dialects in each of these three constituent countries of Great Britain.

    I heard every city, town and village has it’s own dialect, ultimately the British set of accents are singular/individualistics within collectives within collectives.

    Like you can tell all Scottish dialects are related to their Scottish accent collective, and all English dialects within the English accent group, and the same with the Welsh too.

    And then of course, all these three accent heritage groups are recognisable as collectively British.

    • Lenticular Leo says:

      Don’t you mean singular/individualistic dialects within a collective (Scotland, England & Wales) within a collective (British)?

      This guy has a Liverpudlian (Liverpool) dialect, one of the many different English dialects.

      If you’ve ever seen the Paul O’ Grady show, you’ll know a Liverpudlian dialect when you hear one.

      On topic, yes you’d have to hardcore enough to understand the Saturn, to get the most from it.

    • Lenticular Leo says:

      Yes his distinctly Liverpudlian dialect is a type of English dialect which itself is one of the three main British accent groups, the three main British groups of accent/dialects being the three British countries England, Scotland and Wales.

  2. mandobardanjusik says:

    Nice Tracker, now I have to go back and play saturn mode, didnt realize there were other cars, then again I havent had as much time to play it as I wish I could

  3. Liam Ashcroft says:

    Good guff, I started an accent debate! XD

    I’m not sure what I’d class my dialect as, but as most people are saying Liverpudlian, yeah, I’ll go with that. Makes sense given I’m half an hour from Liverpool anyway. 😛

    …the awkward moment when people know my dialect better than I do.

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