SEGA Tunes: Ristar’s Planet Freon – Ring Rink

As we near Christmas day, I knew a festive Tuesday Tunes was in order. The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is filled with great wintery tunes, but I felt Sonic has been covered far too much on Tuesday Tunes (and for a good reason, Sonic music is awesome!). Christmas NiGHTS would be perfect, but it’s too obvious. Shenmue‘s Christmas tunes would be perfect, but we’ve aleady covered them. And that’s when it hit me, Sonic Team’s Ristar has an excellent winter tune. The game’s fifth stage, Planet Freon, is a planet made entirely of ice and snow. But you won’t find Imperial Walkers and Wampas on this ice planet, instead you’ll find downhill skiing and a bizarre alien enemy chucking snowballs. The music for the first portion of the stage begins almost as if you’re about to hear Jingle Bells, but what follows is a catchy tune with solid drum beats and a peppy tune perfectly suitable for a winter wonderland. So as the sun goes down on this Christmas eve, why not revisit this SEGA Genesis classic? It’s the best present you can give yourself.


2 responses to “SEGA Tunes: Ristar’s Planet Freon – Ring Rink

  1. ewrwer says:

    Japanese Exclusive Sega Game Gear Tactical RPG ‘Royal Stone’ Fan Translated Into English:

  2. JayPC says:

    Ristar was one of the best games! Here’s to hoping for a Sequel or a 2.5d remake!

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