The SEGAbits Summer of Art/Season of Colors Contest winner is….

Sean Tagg’s Lego Outrun cabinet!

We received some awesome entries over the course of this contest, but this one was not only among the first we received, by the entry that consistently remained in the top three even as other entries slowly began to trickle in. In the end, this piece gets the gold medal because it hits all of the right notes: it is not just passionate, but also creative. When I think of art, I don’t typically think of LEGO, but it’s impossible to deny that this is not only something that is most definitely art. This took a lot of time and patience to put together. Sean had to find all of the right pieces and place them in all of the right places, and that takes some dedication.

Congratulations, Sean! We did get some other excellent entries, including one that very nearly took the Grand Prize. We’ll be making announcements regarding second and third place winners, as well as the two additional runner ups, within the next few days.

Check out this contest announcement if you want to find out what he won!


5 responses to “The SEGAbits Summer of Art/Season of Colors Contest winner is….

  1. Sean Tagg says:

    Thank you all at SEGAbits for choosing my OutRun lego project. This has been a wonderful surprise to me.
    I hope everyone enjoyed watching the video and it inspires other to create gaming related Lego creations.

  2. Shigs says:

    It’s an amazing piece Sean.

  3. TB says:

    What were the runner-ups?

  4. JORDI says:

    Extremely rare. 100% cotton 190gr with high quality print.

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