Transformers Mega Drive Megatron is pretty much the coolest toy ever

Transformers Mega Drive Megatron Transforms into Sega Game Console FIgure Image (1)__scaled_600
Via Tformers comes the reveal of a very cool new Transformers figure: The Mega Drive Megatron. A collaboration between SEGA and Takara Tomy, the figure is, as you would expect from the name, the Decepticon leader Megatron who transforms into a SEGA Mega Drive. This special edition figure was revealed at the Tokyo Toy Show Winter Wonder Festival, and from the photos it is assumed that the figure will act as a USB device based on the end of Megatron’s arm mounted weapon. Once we learn more of this awesome figure, including where you can buy it, we’ll be sure to let you know!


5 responses to “Transformers Mega Drive Megatron is pretty much the coolest toy ever

  1. Centrale says:

    This has really brightened up my morning.

  2. Shigs says:

    I must have this!!

  3. Retroman says:

    Does he have blast processing and does it play games?

  4. Retroman says:

    Nevermind, I read the article and there hasn’t been more information of the toy.

  5. Artzei says:

    Well, Hasbro ? How long it’s gonna take for you for bringing this and PlayStation Optimus Prime to the West ?

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