“Sonic Revolution” Sonic fan convention announced for June 15th


You may remember hearing of a small Sonic fan gathering in Orange County last year called “Sonic Boom West Chapter”. It was put together by several So Cal Sonic fans including Tanner Bates who you may have heard on our latest episode of Sonic Talk. It was during that gathering that the plans for Sonic Revolution was put in it’s early stages. Since then, I’ve become a part of this group and have helped (a little) in bringing Sonic Revolution into a full fledged convention.

The Sonic Revolution convention has now been announced for Sunday, June 15 at the Holiday Inn at Buena Park, California (close to Disneyland). While we’re still gathering more guests for the event (Sonic Boom producer Stephen Frost has shown interest), so far we have the producers of the upcoming fan film Sonic prologue coming in with an exclusive clip and a Q&A. Also, Sonic cover band Serenity Seven will be on hand for music. There will also be an artists alley you can register a booth (for free) and giveaways and more prizes.

Tickets will be available (for free) March 1st. For more info and to keep up with new information, check out the event page on Facebook here.


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