Swingin’ Report Show #56: Interview with Sonic Boom Producer Stephen Frost

Hot on the heels of the reveal of the new Western television series and video game Sonic Boom, SEGA of America producer Stephen Frost sat down with Swingin’ Report Show hosts Barry and George, as well as David of Sonic Retro, to discuss all things speedy and blue. In this hour long discussion we delve into the genesis of the project, learn more of the team at Big Red Button Entertainment, and get a few hints at what we can expect to see in both the game and show. If Stephen’s enthusiasm is any gauge for what we can expect, we’re in for a real treat later this year!

Learn more about the new branch in the Sonic franchise at the official Sonic Boom website.

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2 responses to “Swingin’ Report Show #56: Interview with Sonic Boom Producer Stephen Frost

  1. Sigma says:

    Shinobi 3D is amazing! Good to know that competent people are working on Sonic Boom, which such great games as Shinobi 3D for résumés.

  2. Whatever says:

    Wow guys. Great job in getting the interview. Listening to it RIGHT NAOW

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