Super Monkey Ball Bounce coming soon to mobile platforms

SEGA has announced a new Super Monkey Ball game for mobile platforms entitled Super Monkey Ball Bounce. Slated to release soon to the App Store and Google Play, the game features Aiai and his friends in a pachinko-inspired aim-and-shoot game which touts over 120 levels and 8 playable characters. After the break, check out the full press release.

Ready, Aim, BOUNCE! Super Monkey Ball Bounce Announced Today, Offering Brand New Spin on Popular Series

The Monkeys Are Back in a Pachinko-style Puzzle Game, Coming to Mobile this Summer

12th May, 2014 – SEGA Networks, Inc. today announced Super Monkey Ball Bounce, a brand new title coming to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices this summer. Taking inspiration from the classic arcade game, pachinko, Super Monkey Ball Bounce features AiAi and the rest of his monkey friends as they attempt to thwart the evil machinations of the dastardly Prof. Boscis.

Players send AiAi and his primate pals careening into action in over 120 levels, bouncing, sliding and rebounding to defeat Prof. B’s flunkies and earn bushels of bananas. The simple yet addictive aim-and-shoot game features eight playable monkey characters each with their own special abilities. Super Monkey Ball Bounce will be available this summer as a free download on the App Store and Google Play.

Monkey Ball fans of all ages will enjoy this accessible new spin on the franchise and the challenge that ramps up in later levels. Super Monkey Ball Bounce offers players a compelling experience as they rescue their monkey friends and defeat bosses using a variety of trick shots and super-moves.


3 responses to “Super Monkey Ball Bounce coming soon to mobile platforms

  1. Shigs says:

    super Peggle Ball.

  2. RegalSin says:

    So a fanfiction based off Die-hard, is going to become another comic. Better yet, a license over that one game, in Japan. Better have “K.I.T.E.” artist associated with it.

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