Relic Entertainment plans long term support for Company of Heroes 2

It is no secret that PC gamers loved the first Company of Heroes, the game had a loyal fanbase a decade after release. Since Relic Entertainment got bought by SEGA and they helped them released Company of Heroes 2, they have had 20 updates to the base game (compared to 8 updates in COH1 at the same time frame.)

SEGA and Relic already launched the first expansion pack for Company of Heroes 2, the multiplayer only ‘The Western Front Armies“.  It doesn’t mean that single player fans are going to be ignored.

“We’ve got a great tool set now to build campaign content more effectively than we have in the past, and give the campaign players some really cool stuff. So it’s definitely part of our plans.

I love the vibe at the studio right now and the feeling. We’re pushing boundaries in how we do things. It’s really exciting. Marrying that enthusiasm with the long-term plan with Sega’s backing… it’s been great” –  Quinn Duffy, Relic Entertainment Director. 

One of the biggest criticisms about SEGA was their bad support for online games and supporting titles long term. I hope that other non-PC focused studios can learn that long term support isn’t a bad thing!


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