SEGA confirms Sonic Boom for E3, reveals new details

UPDATE: Some new game play footage has been released with an interview with Stephen Frost. I’ve included the video above.

SEGA has just confirmed via their blog that both versions of Sonic Boom will be available to play at E3 this year. Both games will effectively be their own individual titles, with their own completely unique game play style and mechanics.

The Wii U version has been subtitled Rise of Lyric. It’s a 3D action title that will focus on battle and exploration as Sonic and his friends work to stop a new villain, an ancient robotic snake creature called Lyric from awakening his robotic army and destroying the world. According to the press release, “an extremely tech-savvy mastermind who uses a sophisticated robotic body of armor to carry out his own nefarious deeds, he is a formidable enemy and a force to be reckoned with.” Rise of Lyric will feature new moves for Sonic and his friends, including something called an “enerbeam”, which some may remember from the Sonic Boom TV show teaser released back in February. Using the enerbeam, players can zip-line around levels, move heavy objects, disarm enemies, and throw them around.

The 3DS version has been called Shattered Crystal. We’ve got details of that game, as well as images of Lyric and both games below the fold!

Shattered Crystal is a side scrolling adventure that will focus on puzzles and platforming. The storyline is somewhat smaller in scope, as Sonic and his friends must work together to rescue Amy Rose from Lyric. Joining Sonic this time around will be Sonic Boom’s own original character, Not-Marine Sticks the Badger.

Both games will be able to link up to one another over Wi-Fi. Collectibles found in the 3DS version will be used to unlock special content, so there is some incentive to get both games. Both Sonic Boom games have been confirmed for November 2014.  SEGAbits will be working with Sonic Stadium to bring you all the latest Sonic Boom coverage from E3 next week, including hands-on previews and interviews. Stay tuned!


5 responses to “SEGA confirms Sonic Boom for E3, reveals new details

  1. Ben Burnham says:

    Looking to me more and more like a misfire, which is sad, because I was looking forward to this game.

    The graphics and art direction during the Speed section we’ve seen looks awful, as if they weren’t trying at all.

    On the other hand, visuals during the boss fights and in other small areas look pretty nice, but the combat looks clunky and slow. And this is yet another interview where all they can talk to us about is the character designs.

    Does Sega think that character designs are the world’s #1 concern with this game? Why do we need another entire interview where it’s explained to us why Tails carries a toolbox on his belt?

    Give us some real info, please. How much of this game is devoted to the speed, how much to the combat? What type of world does this take place in? What is the development team attempting to achieve with this game?

  2. nuckles87 says:

    Character design may be all they can talk about. You know how corporations are with their marketing.

  3. Ben Burnham says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a platformer (from any corporation) where the company only allowed talk of its character designs in the months leading up to its release.

  4. Ps vita shadow fan says:

    So if this is nintendo’s final straw with new sonic games then sega since your looking for another potable system. Defidently go to sony’s new playstation vita. That System seriously needs new sonic games where your running around in your in 3d enviroments and stages with graphicis that mimic the ps vita’s big brother the ps4 man! and don’t make the mistakes you made with recent games where you can only play as sonic cause many fans can’t stand that i can’t ethier im a huge shadow fan and i want new sonic games for the ps vita system were you can play as shadow and many other so cool characters from the sonic universe. Cause unlike a 3ds the ps vita system can handle more characters and a longer more graphicaly detailed game with a long exellent story line blow the sonic franchise fans away! With whole new games for the ps vita. 🙂

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