Sonic Boom E3 Wii U and 3DS trailers arrive

Official trailers for Sonic Boom on Wii U and 3DS have arrived. Lyric, the new villain for the franchise, has been broken out of whatever prison was holding him and says he has unfinished business with Sonic who seems to not have any idea what he’s talking about as this is their first encounter. Graphics look much better than recent footage shown, which may indicate that it was an earlier build that we’ve previously seen. You can also out the 3DS trailer after the break.

We’ll have more coverage of Sonic Boom as me and Nuckles87 get our hands on the game later today!


2 responses to “Sonic Boom E3 Wii U and 3DS trailers arrive

  1. I enjoyed Sonic Heroes, if only Knuckles wasn’t so huge, I still have a problem with that. I can even forgive Sonic’s blue arms, but Knuckles, man.

  2. Ben Burnham says:

    So it seems that SEGA is going to be hiding the existence of the brawler gaming, judging by this trailer.

    Seems very different from the gameplay footage we’ve seen so far.

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