Phantasy Star Online 2 suffers DDoS Attack


Phantasy Star Online 2 has become the victim of a DDoS attack from a currently unknown third party, according to a statement released by SEGA.

SEGA have said on the matter that game data has not been affected by the attack, and that all services have been suspended relating to playing the game. As of now, it is unknown when the game’s servers will return online.

Either way, it’s a headache for SEGA who only a few days ago announced Episode 3 of the game is due for August; an update that adds a new class, new weaponry, a new planet, and various other new features. It’s also a headache for the massive fanbase the game has earned, with many players taking to networks such as Twitter to vent their frustration. This includes the game’s Western fanbase, many of whom have simply taken to playing the Japanese version of the game due to SEGA’s silence regarding a western release.

We will, of course, update this article when the servers return.

The official statement from SEGA can be seen below.

Unsurprisingly, the statement is in Japanese, but with the ‘magic’ of Google Translate it reads:

“We are currently experiencing, we will report on network failure.
Of failure this time, we’ve found the DDoS attacks against our server group by a third party non-specific.
From its features, we are determined to malicious attacks and services to our network equipment clearly. With regard to this place, we are implementing measures as much as possible, but the attack is continuing on an ongoing basis today, it is a situation that can not tell the likelihood of the complete solution. In addition, if the current situation persists continue, the possibility of implementing the temporary suspension of service is also available.

Also in order to use the stable service, thank you look forward to your cooperation and understanding. We’re sorry, but for here, I ask that you wait for the follow-up.”

A follow up statement has since been released, and can be found here.

UPDATE: The servers have returned online since the publication of this article.


One response to “Phantasy Star Online 2 suffers DDoS Attack

  1. PSO2Player JP says:

    I think that I am the attack from South Korea.
    The Japanese government investigated the Kono discourse and proved the lie of comfort women’s problem.
    The South Korean excessive conservatives were enraged.
    PSO2 which is a large game of Japan became a target.
    There are no other timely motives.

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