Phantasy Star Nova short cutscenes show off the main characters

Gematsu recently reported that Sega broadcasted a set of three cutscenes through Nico Nico this past weekend. They are each not much longer than a minute, and all are voiced. It’s another opportunity for a glimpse at what the game is set to look like, but also to get a grasp on the characters’ personalities. Of the main three characters, Lutia and Phildia, both of the female charcters, have pretty distinct characterizations in the trailers. When you see someone like Lutia pose and sound her barbaric yawp before charging in on a (rather freaky and cool-looking) Gigantes, you know you’re in for a party. Given tri-Ace’s reputation for dynamic and unique gameplay systems, it will be interesting to see what surprises tri-Ace will reveal in the future for this game.

Hit the break for two other videos!


One response to “Phantasy Star Nova short cutscenes show off the main characters

  1. Will says:

    Wow. Those look quite good for in game graphics. At first I thought the trailers were CGI, but you can tell these aren’t CGI. They aren’t perfect enough to be. which means they are in-game graphics.

    Too bad it will never come west.

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