SEGA Channel Retro: Independence Day Stream Archive

Originally broadcast the day before today, I check out a couple of fan favorite SEGA games on the original Xbox console in favor of America’s 4th of July celebration. Watch me play the first hour of Jet Set Radio Future and take notes on how I try to woo the ladies of OutRun 2. Finally I stretch my freedom as far as possible by playing Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 which released on the Triforce Arcade Hardware, which was a cross production between Nintendo, Namco and SEGA.

You can check out our live streams on our Twitch channel or catch the archives on our YouTube channel. You can also expand this article to check each listing for each video, with our Twitch videos reaching 60 frames per second. Also be sure to check out highlights of our previous streams in the related posts!

freedom_JSRF_SCR[YouTube] [Twitch]freedom_OutRun2_SCR[YouTube] [Twitch]freedom_MKAGP2_SCR [YouTube] [Twitch]

freedomstream_SCR [Twitch] (Uncut)


4 responses to “SEGA Channel Retro: Independence Day Stream Archive

  1. Kala says:

    Great thanks

  2. David K. says:

    Well, what we all know is that Sonic’s games are heading down hill! But! That doesn’t mean Sega’s got no chance.

    I mean, we still have what’s there for in the future. Like Sonic Boom and mobile games. We’ve got hope, don’t worry! But really, I can’t take sides. Who knows what’s gonna happen, right? :p

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