Take a SEGA game room collection tour with Barry the Nomad

I’ve been a SEGA collector and fan since 1991, with the first SEGA thing I ever owned being a SEGA Genesis with Sonic the Hedgehog included. Since then, I’ve collected games and consoles as they released, and I’ve gone back and picked up games and hardware that I’ve missed out on. The result of the past 23 years is my game room, which packs in nearly all the gaming stuff I own plus an assortment of DVDs, blu-rays, books, and other things. I’ll admit, my collection doesn’t come close to some of the ones I’ve seen, but still it’s mine and I’m proud of it. I’ve been putting off making a collection video for a while now, mainly because there was always something on the horizon that I planned to add to the game room and I wanted to wait until I had the latest addition before making a video. But this week I figured I had the time and the room had enough to show off as is, so I made the above 43 minute walkthrough. Check it out and please don’t judge me based on some of the DVDs I own.

We plan to have more Game Room Tour videos in the future, featuring other SEGAbits contributors showing off their collections, so stay tuned for more sweaty hands and close up views of old SEGA merchandise!


5 responses to “Take a SEGA game room collection tour with Barry the Nomad

  1. Dmitry says:

    Awesome collection men! Awesome collection!!!
    What about your PC and TVs ?

  2. Awesome room Barry. One day, when I get a bigger place, I want to have a proper game room as well. I’ve collected tons of stuff the past 7 years I’ve lived in Japan but most remains in the closet because I’ve got nowhere to put it… oh and a 2 year old son who loves to touch everything. 😀

  3. JohnOfRage says:

    The Kunckles commit had me laughing for such a long time lol. But very cool collection, it was a pleasure seeing all that stuff and really liked the back round music!

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