“Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls” anime Episode 11 is out, Impressions


Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls episode 11 is now up on Crunchyroll, and it’s time for a crossover once again!

In this episode, the girls enter the world of the Shining series, something I will right off the bat say I have next to no clue about. In slightly more familiar territory, the girls are also told by Center-Sensei (who I’m going to stop referring to as Asobin as that’s just the disguise he seems to be using) that they’ll get 15 medals if they beat the boss of the area wearing a special Phantasy Star Online 2 costume. As such, the girls enter into Shining Force Cross Exlesia to go slay some stuff.

Once in, Saturn does some photo posing which is always welcome in my book, and the girls notice a shoddy looking changing room for the special costumes. They then partake in some, uh, subtle fanservice, to say the least. Once changed, it turns out the special costume was… a Rappy suit, Rappys being the bird creatures in Phantasy Star. Saturn attempts to pose again, but it’s not exactly a hit with Mega Drive. Dreamcast then leads an incredible dance routine that reduced me to a fit of laughter in seconds; Saturn and Mega Drive’s reactions only serve to make the scene even more hilarious. The song’s lyrics juxtaposed with Dreamcast’s ever-happy expression just tops the scene off. Saturn also manages to bug a few actual Rappy, after punching one repeatedly thinking it’s Dreamcast; charming!

Anyway, it’s then a case of weaponry; and the Girls go to town thinking of weapon concepts, with amazing ideas like… a mother-in-law. Or an ice-cream sword. Or a backscratcher. The works, really. In the end, Mega Drive gets a staff, Dreamcast gets a sword, and Saturn gets, unsurprisingly, the short end of the stick with a pair of furry punching gloves. They then set off to fight the boss, a giant dragon.

The dragon wakes up to attack, and makes short work of Dreamcast, who attempts… to dance with it. Worth it, just to see the dancing again.

That’s where I’ll leave the synopsis, anywho; it’s worth a watch yourself. I didn’t think I’d enjoy this episode much, but I ended up laughing my arse off at several points, even in spite of my lack of Shining knowledge. I will say I found last week’s much better… but Jet Set Radio’s one of my favourite games of all time, so perhaps I’m just a little bit biased!

Next week’s episode? “I Heard We’re Graduating Sehagaga.” Ooh, ominous; as is the preview, which shows the girls enter what looks like a demented theme park run by “Black Asobin.” There’s also Space Harrier, so that’s always great in my book! See you next week for what may well be the thrilling conclusion!

Catch the episode on Crunchyroll here!


One response to ““Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls” anime Episode 11 is out, Impressions

  1. landman says:

    Next week preview had the SEGAGAGA intro music as background, I wonder if this is the end of the series? The rappy song was from pso2, the rappy slots song from the casino, an all weapons were from pso2 too, but all of them, included the rappy costume, were their recreations in Shining Force EXlesia, they did a cross over last summer and pso2 also got costumes, weapons and even a boss from Shining Force.

    It was fun to see a lot of parts were actual ingame content lol

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