“Sonic Runners” officially announced, smartphone game due in 2015

Takashi Iizuka has officially announced Sonic Runners, the rumoured game we previously reported on, during a Sonic event as Tokyo Joypolis.

The game is set to come to smartphones, with 2015 being mentioned as a release window, and is being developed by Sonic Team once again. That being said, very little is currently known about the game; more details are apparently set to be released in January. Whether Sonic Team have anything else in the works for next year is currently a mystery, but to be perfectly honest, I would like to think they’ve spent the past year or so since Lost World’s release doing more than a smartphone game, and one that it’s currently tentative in just about every way. It can at least be assumed “smartphones” refers to both Android and iOS versions of the game being on the way.

Once more details come out we’ll report on them, so stay tuned for Sonic Runners news!


9 responses to ““Sonic Runners” officially announced, smartphone game due in 2015

  1. Monty says:

    I wonder what they could be making. I thought Hardlight was supposed to do the mobile stuff?

  2. Blues says:

    it’s not a good sign that ST is now developing the mobile stuff themselves now.

  3. kolu says:

    There is a new sega console coming with an amd chip 2016.

  4. hitrax says:

    It’s very very unlikely Sega will make another new console, Never say never people say, but on two occasions Sega spokesmen have said in the past since 2001 that they will never ‘re-enter the home console market again. It made sense at the time in the 80s but there’s little incentive to do so today, there’s already enough consoles out there, what can Sega offer that the other three don’t already?

    That rumour comes from an AMD announcement of a new chip set for a new console that haven’t been revealed yet, but as Nintendo have just recently announced work started on their next console a few weeks ago, that’ll likely be the hardware that AMD is talking about it.

    • dragon says:

      SEGA can offer something different from the rest. SEGA was always coming up with something that seperated SEGA from the rest.

  5. Hitrax says:

    Furthermore, it made a lot more sense in the 80s to get into the console business because it was a relatively new industry just getting into it’s stride, before Sega and Nintendo started and reignited the industry when they arrived on the scene, the only other significant competition was Atari – which was when there was hardly any competition there, but Sega and Nintendo made it a competitive thriving industry, and it still remains that way today, and because of that, for Sega to ‘re-enter, there’s more at stake than it’s worth. And we’re at the stage now where we’re even questioning if home consoles even have a future in this app industry, if they don’t there’s realistically 0% chance of there ever being a new Sega system.

  6. dragon says:

    If SEGA were to announce a new console it would definitely captivate all SEGA fans and maybe even others. Also, all the software they have put out would be on their console. SEGA was ahead of time, they helped pave the way for all.

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